Individual counselling sessions are available to you to provide a supportive and confidential place to voice concerns, learn new skills and coping strategies and work through personal issues and life’s challenges.  These may include

  • personal relationships (including emotional support during separation and divorce)     
  • support to parents with children mental health concerns  (anxiety, depression and eating disorders)
  • feeling overwhelmed or out of control
  • depression and anxiety
  • loneliness & isolation                     
  • self-esteem & confidence           
  • lifestyle and health changes                              
  • making difficult decisions                
  • grief & loss/end of life and pregnancy loss
  • handling a crisis
  • abusive situations
  • family relationships
  • stress, burnout and fatigue
  • self-care and support systems
  • communication — with family, friends & others               

Couples Counselling no currently offered.

Your participation:

Working with you on your personal growth goals is meant to be a collaborative process, that means that you and I work together to figure out what needs to happen to move forward with your wellness.  We will meet, complete an intake process and explore your identified goals. We will talk, problem solve, and of course – homework!  Growth requires your participation and effort.  By writing things down, trying things out, making changes and personal practice - you will be amazed at what you will see for yourself as result of your hard work and commitment.

Group Wellness Seminars and Workshops:

Throughout the year group seminars and workshops will be offered, providing information, resources on a variety of topics to help further move you along on your path to wellness.  Sessions can vary in length and costs will be posted on this site. Please contact me for more details or requests. 


  The information that we discuss is confidential, it would be shared only with your written consent (a form would need to be completed). It is important that you are aware that I would be required by law to release information/report when a client poses a risk of harm to themselves or others and in cases of abuse to children, vulnerable adults or the elderly.  If I receive a court order or subpoena, I may be required to release some information. In such cases, I consult with the British Columbia College of Social Work and limit the release to only what is necessary by law.

Services are offered at:

Balance Natural Health Clinic -  250-545-0103    

3105 36th Ave Vernon, BC